Pediatric Blood Tests in Indirapuram


Goodhealth21 Polyclinic provides the best pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram. Our team uses a child-friendly approach to deliver accurate test results to your child.

Goodhealth21 Polyclinic provides the best pediatric blood test services in Indirapuram. Our experienced pediatricians and technicians uses a child-friendly approach. It helps to deliver accurate pediatric lab tests results for your child. At our polyclinic, we offer diagnostics, pathology and doctors’ consultation services for patients of all ages. Pediatric Blood Test is one of that services in Indirapuram.


Pediatric blood tests are important for your children’s healthcare. These tests help doctors to monitor and diagnose various medical conditions in children such as infections, genetic disorders, and chronic diseases.

Why is Pediatric Blood Test Necessary?

Pediatric Blood Test is crucial and helps detect several medical conditions in childcare. At Goodhealth21 we provide you with modern equipment fora pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram. You can find some reasons here, why a Pediatric Blood Test is necessary:

Diagnosing Illnesses

It will help to find several diagnose such as illnesses, anaemia, leukaemia, various infections, metabolic disorders, fever, bruising, weight loss, fatigue and weakness.

Monitoring Ongoing Treatment

Pediatric Blood Tests can also help monitor the effectiveness of a child’s ongoing treatment. Their regular blood tests can help determine if the treatment is working as per the doctor’s expectations.

Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies

Pediatric Blood Tests can also detect nutritional deficiencies in children, such as iron or vitamin D deficiency.

Detecting Genetic Disorders

Chronic illnesses such as sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis can also be detected through pediatric blood tests.

Our Pediatric Blood Test Services in Indirapuram

Goodhealth21 Polyclinic provides a wide range of pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram, including:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test: CBC test helps check the levels of various blood cells in the body, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The help of the CBC Test detects infections, anemia, and other blood-related disorders.

Blood Chemistry Test: In the blood chemistry test, it helps to measure the levels of various chemicals in the blood such as electrolytes, glucose, and proteins. Blood chemistry tests, help to monitor and diagnose medical conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease.

Blood Culture Test: A blood Culture Test detects the presence of bacteria or fungi in the blood. Blood culture tests diagnose bacterial and fungal infections in children.

Blood Sugar Test: In the blood sugar test, as the name suggested, this will help to measure glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. Blood sugar tests help to diagnose and monitor diabetes in children.


Our Pediatric Blood Test Process

At Goodhealth21 Polyclinic, we understand that getting pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram can be a daunting experience for children. That’s why we provide the most comfortable and stress-free Pediatric Blood Test in the city. Here is what you can expect when you visit us for a Pediatric Blood Test:

Appointment Scheduling

You can schedule an appointment by searching “Pediatric Blood Test online”, “Pediatric Blood Test near me” or “Pediatric Blood Test In Indirapuram”. Then you will find us in the search results for Gooodhealth21, click there. After that, book an appointment by calling us.


Some instructions need to follow before the blood test. Our team will give you instructions on how to prepare your child. This may include fasting for a few hours before the test or drinking plenty of water.

Blood Test

Our medical technician will perform the blood test to get quick and accurate results. We use age-appropriate needles to minimize discomfort for your child.

Test Results

Once the blood test is complete, we will analyze the sample in our laboratory. The results of the tests will get in some time or within a few days. It will be explained by our medical professionals in detail.

Preparing Your Child for a Pediatric Blood Test

Goodhealth21 Polyclinic also tries to provide the best possible child-friendly conditions for pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram for children. But still, you can Prepare your child for a pediatric blood test can help reduce their anxiety and make the experience less stressful. Check some important tips to help prepare your child for a blood test:

Explain the Procedure

Talk to your child about what will happen during the blood test. Use simple language and be honest about what to expect.

Be Positive

Reassure your child that the test is important and will help their doctor take good care of them.

Offer Distractions

Bring along a favourite toy, book, or game to distract your child during the blood test.

Why Choose Goodhealth21 Polyclinic for Pediatric Blood Tests in Indirapuram?

There are several reasons why parents should choose Goodhealth21 Polyclinic for their child’s pediatric blood tests in Inidrapuram:

Experienced Pediatricians

We have a paediatrician who has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating any medical conditions in children.

Modern Equipment

We use the latest equipment and technology to conduct accurate and reliable blood tests for children. Which helps to ensure the child’s health.

Child-Friendly Approach

In kids’ blood tests, we understand that blood tests can be stressful for children and parents. This is the reason, we create a warm and welcoming environment that helps children feel comfortable and relaxed for that period.

Affordable Costing

We offer competitive prices for our pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram. It will make blood tests accessible to all families across the city.

Quick Services

Our technicians are experienced which gives you quick and efficient service to the patients. By minimizing waiting time, we ensure that parents receive their child’s test results as quickly as possible.

Home Sample collection

We offer home blood collection services for your child. We send our technician to your home to take your child’s blood for testing.
Pediatric blood tests are an essential component of healthcare for children. Goodhealth21 Polyclinic is committed to providing high-quality pediatric blood tests in Indirapuram. Our experienced pediatricians and technicians use their highest quality equipment and child-friendly techniques to ensure that children receive accurate and reliable blood test results. By choosing us, parents can be assured that their child’s health is in good hands.
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