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Are you or a loved one seeking expert care for neurological concerns in Indirapuram? Look no further than Goodhealth21 Polyclinic. Our specialized neurology team, led by Dr. Luv Bansal, offers comprehensive services for all aspects of neurological health. We introduce you to Dr. Luv Bansal, recognized as the best neurologist in Indirapuram, who provide the array of services available to address your neurological needs.

Meet Our Neurology Specialist – Dr. Luv Bansal

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Luv Bansal, a highly qualified and dedicated neurologist in Indirapuram at Goodhealth21 Polyclinic. With an extensive medical background and seven years of experience, he is a trusted name in the field of neurology.

Dr. Luv Bansal has earned an MBBS degree, followed by a postgraduate MD, and further specialized with a Doctorate of Medicine in Neurology. His unwavering commitment to learning and a passion for neurological care have made him an invaluable asset in our team.

With seven years of hands-on experience, Dr. luv Bansal neurologist in Indirapuram brings a wealth of expertise to our practice. His exceptional diagnostic abilities and compassionate approach to patient care have helped countless individuals manage and overcome neurological issues.

Common Neurological Conditions We Treat

At Goodhealth21 Polyclinic, our dedicated neurologist in Indirapuram provides a wide array of services to address various neurological conditions and concerns. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality care to our patients, ensuring that their neurological health is in expert hands. Below, you’ll find an overview of our comprehensive neurology services:

1. Headache and Migraine Care

Our team of experienced ENT doctors In Indirapuram possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Diagnosis and Evaluation: Our neurologist in Indirapuram is skilled at identifying the root causes of headaches and migraines, which can often be debilitating. We are available to help you on your journey to improved health.

Treatment Plans: We create personalized treatment plans that may include lifestyle modifications, medications, and therapies to alleviate headache and migraine symptoms.

2. Epilepsy Management

Comprehensive Care: Epilepsy management requires specialized care. Our neurologist in Indirapuram offer comprehensive treatment, including seizure control, medication management, and guidance on living with epilepsy.

Timely Intervention: Recognizing the signs of a stroke and providing rapid intervention are crucial for a successful recovery. Our team of neurologist in Indirapuram is well-equipped to diagnose strokes promptly.

Rehabilitation: For stroke survivors, we offer rehabilitation services to help regain lost functions and improve their quality of life.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

Early Diagnosis: Timely diagnosis is essential for effective management of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions. Our neurologist in Indirapuram is skilled at identifying these conditions.

Treatment and Support: We provide medication management, cognitive therapies, and support for patients and their families in managing these conditions.

5. Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Accurate Diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis can be challenging to diagnose, but our experts use advanced diagnostics to provide precise assessments.

Customized Treatment Plans: Our team of neurologist in Indirapuram creates personalized treatment plans that may include disease-modifying medications, symptom management, and lifestyle adjustments.

Services Offered by Our Neurologist in Indirapuram

Our team of best neurologist in indirapuram provides a wide range of services to ensure you receive the best care for your neurological condition.

1. Diagnostic Testing

The first step to a successful treatment plan is an accurate diagnosis. We offer various diagnostic tests, including MRI, CT scans, electroencephalography (EEG), and nerve conduction studies.

2. Medication Management

For many neurological conditions, medication plays a crucial role in symptom control and management. Our neurologists in Indirapuram will prescribe and monitor your medications to achieve the best results.

3. Rehabilitation Services

In cases where physical therapy or rehabilitation is needed, we can connect you with experts who can help you regain your mobility and improve your overall well-being.

4. Lifestyle and Dietary Guidance

Some neurological conditions can benefit from dietary and lifestyle modifications. Our team of best neurologist in Indirapuram can provide guidance to help you make positive changes to support your health.

5. Surgical Options

In certain cases, surgical intervention may be necessary. Our neurologist in Indirapuram can refer you to the appropriate specialists and guide you through the process.

Why Choose Neurologist in Indirapuram from GoodHealth21 Polyclinic?

At GoodHealth21 Polyclinic, our neurologists in Indirapuram are committed to delivering exceptional care to patients in Indirapuram and the surrounding areas. Here are some reasons to choose us for your neurological needs:

Expertise and Experience

Our team of best neurologist in Indirapuram have extensive training and experience in the field of neurology. They are well-equipped to handle a wide range of neurological conditions, from common issues to complex cases.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities

At GoodHealth21 Polyclinic, we invest in cutting-edge medical equipment and technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

3. Personalized Care

We believe that each patient is unique, and we tailor our treatment plans to suit individual needs. Our neurologists take the time to understand your specific condition and concerns.

4. Multidisciplinary Approach

In some cases, neurological conditions require collaboration with other specialists. We have a network of healthcare professionals who can provide comprehensive care when needed.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards optimal health.

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Do I need a referral to see a neurologist at GoodHealth21 Polyclinic?
In most cases, a referral is not required. You can contact us directly to schedule an appointment with one of our neurologists. However, if your insurance plan or primary care physician requires a referral, please let us know, and we will assist you accordingly.
What should I bring to my first neurology appointment?
It’s important to bring your identification, insurance information, a list of current medications, and any relevant medical records or test results. This will help our neurologists in Indirapuram to better understand your medical history and condition.
How long is a typical neurology appointment?
The duration of your appointment can vary depending on the complexity of your condition. In general, you can expect your first appointment to last around 30 to 60 minutes. Follow-up appointments may be shorter.
Does GoodHealth21 Polyclinic accept insurance?
Yes, we accept a wide range of insurance plans. Please contact our clinic for specific information about your insurance coverage and any related questions.
⦁ Can I request a telemedicine appointment with a neurologist?
Yes, we offer telemedicine appointments for certain conditions and follow-up visits. Contact our clinic to discuss whether a telemedicine appointment is suitable for your situation.
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